Monday, 16 May 2016

how to make a diy doll hat (for boys or girls)

how to make a diy doll hat (for boys or girls)

This is a really fun craft for you to do with your children.It is simple and easy to do,and you will probably have all the resources somewere in your household!

you will need;
a tape measure
a fat quarter of your chosen fabric (either woven or stretch)
a sewing needle
a spool of thread
a small piece of ribbon

step one 
Get your fat quarter and fold it in half and sew the long open edge like you would if you were making a leg warmer and tie off the remaining thread.
step two
Sew one of the open edges together but when you have done DONT TIE IT OFF!!!!because you gather it and then you can tie it off and now you are technically finshed.  But if you want to decorate it more then read on.
step three
Tie a bow in the ribbon and sew it on the gathered part of the hat and fold the un-sewed side over and hem it.
And like that you have a home made doll's hat.

Remember if you make this project please please please post a comment and a photo of your recreation.

Thank you for reading.

 by Meg, age 9